In Pictures – La Petit Ferme

You don’t need to travel far to escape the city lights, noise and life’s distractions. Just 50 miles from Cape Town lies a haven of sophisticated homeliness. Midway up the Franschhoek Mountain pass is every country-lovers dream destination!

La Petite Ferme is more than just ‘a small farm’… it’s a spectacular restaurant that offers mouth-watering cuisine; a winery offering first-class Sauvignon Blanc; a luxury hotel and so much more.

Set on the slopes of the Middagkrans Mountains, this hotel has the perfect viewing spot under the lofty gums, above the Franschhoek vineyards and overlooking infinite green lawns and white benches. Whether you are just dining out or staying in the luxurious suites –here the world stops around you.

Look down onto a quiet village while eating the most delicious food paired with world-celebrated wine cultivated from the finest grapes that thrive in the valley’s ripe soil and perfect climatic conditions. La Petite Ferme Winery is intimate and welcoming showcasing only conscientious and hand-crafted methods.

And while La Petite Ferme reawakens your senses with quietude, food, wine and views of the entire Franschhoek Valley in all its glory, this elegantly rustic boutique hotel has a setting like no other that is best described with pictures!

It radiates authenticity with its rustic character but remains luxuriously lavish at the same time. There is nothing more intimate and tranquil than limited rooms with boundless views of nature. With only 15 rooms spread out amongst the vines, you are provided total privacy. Winding paths link each suite with the vineyards, restaurant and garden ensuring a wonderful sense of space and entitlement for guests.

Each suite reflects the countryside with a stylish combination of wood, wicker and neutral colours. Raw roof beams and unpretentious wooden floors give a foundation of comfort contrasting with the luxury trimmings that each room displays. The suites integrate the outside beauty and fresh air with the interior, ensuring a soothing sense of space. Should you wish to take a day relaxing by your very own pool perhaps order a bottle of wine and a cheese platter and sample the best the valley has the offer.

Here are our hand-picked images for you to get you excited:

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