Property of the Month – Duba Plains

Grab a window seat and fasten your seatbelt as we transport you to this month’s property of the month – Duba Plains. Nestled on an island in the far northern stretch of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, this tasteful and luxurious camp is surrounded by clear channels, filtered pure by the Kalahari sands, and can only be reached by light aircraft.

The legendary Duba Plains is celebrated for its remote location and exclusive wildlife encounters. Founders and pioneering filmmakers Dereck and Beverly speak of Duba Plains as home – the very essence of wild, untrammelled Africa at its most exciting. Guests feel at home too which is a testament to the tasteful and sophisticated luxury offered.

Stay in one of six gorgeously appointed Meru style tents that have been erected on a private raised deck. Here you are afforded breathtaking views out over the plains and shaded by an African giant that has called this magnificent wilderness home for hundreds of years. The décor is simple and sophisticated with elegant rugs and cushions of ochre and deep blue paying tribute to Arabia and the east. These tended suites with a romantic open-air shower give safari a new luxury definition and ensure your living experience is nothing short of comfortable, homely and extravagant.

But Duba Plains has more to offer than quaint accommodations and spectacular views… This is your chance to watch the epic and ceaseless battle between the lions and buffalo of the Duba Plains that makes this an essential destination for the discerning naturalist and safari enthusiast.

African adventure will permeate your being from time out with the lions and buffalo to reading about them in the stately leather lounge or dining on the deck suspended over the crystal channel.

The lions of Duba Plains are some of the largest left in Africa and they owe their size to a diet largely consisting of buffalo meat. The huge herds of buffalo are hunted remorselessly by the prides – equally at home in the water or on land. Your chances of seeing an interaction between these two African icons is excellent because the prides of Duba usually hunt in broad daylight.

The exclusive nature of the camp means that you can tailor your activities in the wild to suit you or the movements of the animals. Try unwinding with a mokoro trip on the Okavango channels or explore an island on foot before picnicking in the shade of a huge fig tree. We recommend sundowner drinks on a flat-bottomed boat while the hippos emerge for the night.

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