In Pictures – Singita Sasakwa

Perched atop the rocky Sasakwa Hill looking out over the Serengeti’s Western corridor and endless golden plains is the elegant Sasakwa House. Resembling a deluxe ranch house in the midst of the African bushveld this is one Africa’s most exquisite destinations and another Singita – ‘place of miracles’. Exquisite views extend in every direction as the ever-changing landscape teems with Africa’s most majestic wildlife and the clouds waft over the plains.

Revisit the colonial era

Inviting, spacious suites, long elegant hallways and exquisite sitting rooms combine to give both the architecture and the furnishings a classic and colonial feel. Luxurious and decadent in every way the nine cottages boast all the modern conveniences you could ever wish for. Choose from the finest collection of wines, whiskeys or cognacs or chat to the affable chef about your culinary desires. You will no doubt be enchanted and delighted by every mealtime both by the delicious flavours you enjoy as well as by the impeccable service and friendly staff.

Exclusive game viewing

The Serengeti’s Western corridor is famous for the Grumeti Reserves, which follow the Grumeti River and the vast array of wildlife that come to the river for water. The area guarantees a private and exclusive game viewing experience, far removed from the crowds that frequent the Greater Serengeti. Game drives are action packed and offer sightings of exquisite East African wildlife including Thompson’s and Grant’s Gazelle, zebra, Maasai giraffe, buffalo, warthogs, bat-eared foxes, lion, leopard, cheetah and so much more. From June-September you may even have a run in with Africa’s most phenomenal spectacle, the great wildebeest migration… something that should most definitely take the top spot on any bucket-list. Witness as thousands of wildebeest make the trek from the Southern Serengeti, up North to the Masai Mara in search of rain-ripened grass. Let your professional guides do the work; they will get you up close and personal to some of the most unforgettable game encounters you can imagine.

Indulge and relax in style

Why not sit back, relax and watch the sun set over the African horizon with a lovely glass of Champagne and a nibble or two. Perhaps soothe your body in the spa with a massage, do a spot of yoga or even have a quiet game of tennis in the middle of the Serengeti! If that doesn’t tickle your fancy perhaps a game of snooker, a visit to the equestrian centre or a wander through the treasures of the curio shop and gallery will.

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