Africa on Horseback

“I’ve often said there is nothing better for the inside of the man, than the outside of the horse.” Ronald Reagan.

Many travellers who venture to Africa want to be brought close to nature, and what better way than on a once-in-a-lifetime horse-back safari. This – if you have a love for horses – is most certainly one of those things you just HAVE to do at least once. There really is nothing quite like riding through the savanna and being at one with nature while on your trusty steed. While there are plenty of horse riding options throughout Africa – from Botswana to Zimbabwe, our favourite is at ol Donyo Lodge in Eastern Kenya. Here’s why:

Located on the Maasai-owned Mbirikani Group Ranch, comprising of 275,000 acres of wilderness between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks and bordering Chyulu Hills National Park, it offers endless views of Mount Kilimanjaro and the savannahs below. Breathtakingly beautiful every way you look, Ol Donyo is a must for the bucket-list.

Perfect for novice and experienced riders, your needs and requirements will be met with the perfect suited horse and a brilliant guide who will lead you through different ecosystems, landscapes and pathways filled with fantastic wildlife sightings. This is a great way to get up-close to some of Africa’s famous animals as the resident wildlife are comfortable with the horses and perceive them and riders as non-threatening and therefore allow you to get really close. You may even get to see a big cat lying under a tree canopy, completely unfazed by your presence.

Where else in Africa can you ride out across open plains with the view of Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, breath-taking sceneries and meters between you and a towering giraffe.

You can decide if you want to experience the thrill of galloping alongside giraffes and zebras or perhaps a slow, relaxing trot while taking in the painted sky before you or get distracted by the wildebeest and rhinos standing about. Either way, riding in the bush is an unforgettable memory and a completely different experience from a 4×4 game drive. This unique and exciting view of the savannah is something everyone needs to experience.

And there is nothing better than retreating to the luxury and comforts of your room after a wonderful day spent on the back of a horse. From impeccably behaved horses to exceptional accommodation and friendly service, you wouldn’t want to experience this anywhere else.

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