King’s Pool: Linyanti Dreaming

Botswana’s northern regions are most famous for the Eden that is the Okavango Delta. But venture even further north, to the border with Namibia, and you come to one of Southern Africa’s most underrated wilderness destinations; the Linyanti.

This river system is a section of a much greater flow; the Kwando river flowing south-east encounters a fault line and has its course dramatically diverted to the north-east, wheere it becomes the Linyanti. The Linyanti continues on its trajectory until it flows into Lake Liambezi, situated amongst extended marshland. From this ecosystem the waterway becomes the Chobe River, which heads further north and east to join the mighty Zambezi on its flow towards the distant Indian Ocean.

This extensive land of open floodplains, mopane woodland and riparian vegetation boasts a wonderfully high wildlife concentration, and sited in a prime position to enjoy the area at its most spectacular is King’s Pool Camp, one of the Wilderness Safaris’ portfolio.

Tucked away in a grove of jackalberry trees, King’s Pool is a luxurious safari camp named for Swedish royalty. This regal thatch and canvas camp, made up of eight spacious suites, a sprawling common area and eye-level hide overlooks a tranquil lagoon, attracting a diverse parade of wildlife and an impressive array of birds.

The area is a hotbed of lion activity, with a number of prides and coalitions flowing along the river system and crossing in and out from Namibia over the river. The open ecosystem provides a subtle ebb and flow of wildlife, and means the wildlife is always in a natural state of flux.
The rumble of elephants is never too far away, particularly in the dry season during which there is an almost constant stream of them down to the river to drink, as standing water is hard to come by.
Monkeys in the treetops are often heard sounding the alarm, telling the alert guest or guide that a leopard is skulking somewhere nearby.

Water-based camps like King’s Pool have the added appeal of offering water-based activities, and an afternoon boat cruise down the Linyanti River, gin and tonic in hand, is sure to turn up some delightful surprises.

King’s Pool is only one of a delightful selection of camps in the area; their particular concession is also traversed by Duma Tau and Savuti camps, also part of the Wilderness Portfolio. With all three being serviced by a central airstrip, access is essentially equidistant., and transferring between camps during the course of a stay is always an option if guests want to fully explore this sizeable area.

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