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Londolozi is more than just a place, it is a feeling—a feeling that simply cannot be described in words. Londolozi has a special place in our hearts as we’ve all worked there, spent many holidays there, or are even part of the family. Our Director Terri even got engaged there many moons ago!

Home to some of the most amazing wildlife in Africa (particularly famous for its leopards), Londolozi manages to earn a place in every visitor’s heart. Luxury accommodation, divine cuisine, and the ultimate African hospitality ensure that Londolozi is the ultimate African escape. We’ve got a list of the most frequently asked questions about Londolozi which we have put together so that you can find information about this spectacular destination with ease.

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  1. What is Londolozi?

Londolozi is a luxury lodge situated in Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve. Londolozi effortlessly combines luxury, hospitality, and the wilderness—not a typically easy feat. The word ‘Londolozi’ is a Zulu word meaning ‘to protect’. John, Dave, and Shan Varty (the founders of Londolozi) chose the name to depict the aim of the lodge—to be a sanctuary for all living things.

  1. Where exactly is Londolozi located?

Londolozi is situated in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve which is possibly the most famous Private Game Reserve in the Southern Hemisphere. This game reserve adjoins the Kruger National Park which is located in the Mpumalanga province in South Africa.

  1. How do you get to Londolozi?

There are two ways to get to Londolozi namely, by road or by air. Londolozi is located 500km away from Johannesburg which translates to a six-hour drive. Londolozi offers transfers from the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport on request. You also have the option to take a scheduled flight to Londolozi. Federal Air offers daily flights from O.R. Thambo International Airport to the Londolozi Airstrip. Airlink also offers daily flights to Londolozi from Johannesburg and Cape Town to the Nelspruit KMIA and the Skukuza Airport. From there, a short transfer in a small aircraft will take you through to the Londolozi Airstrip.

  1. What is Londolozi’s policy with regard to children?

Londolozi emphasises the importance of family and therefore, children over six are always welcome. If you have children between the ages of six and 16, the Varty and the Founders camps are perfect for you. Children over six are certainly welcome on game drives, too! You can enrol your young children into the Londolozi Cubs Programme which will make sure that every day is filled with fun, and your children will learn the importance of conserving the biodiversity in Africa. Londolozi has a special Cubs Den for children which is specifically designed with children in mind. There are beautiful fishponds to splash in, tents to camp out in, and even Land Rovers for children to ‘drive’. The Cub Coach (an expert naturalist) takes children on educational, fun-filled bushveld excursions. Your children will learn how to identify different types of spoor, they will learn how to catch bugs, to do an African dance, and to make beads!

  1. Is Londolozi a suitable place for a honeymoon?

Yes! Londolozi offers a special Honeymoon Safari for newlyweds. Londolozi combines unsurpassed opulence with the African wilderness to create the ultimate honeymoon for you and your loved one. A honeymoon at Londolozi is an unforgettable experience—one that will live in your hearts forever. Londolozi even has its own dedicated Honeymoon Vehicle and private guide for game viewing, ensuring that newlyweds only experience the best game viewing that Africa has to offer.

  1. What activities are on offer?

Game drives are the highlight of the days that you spend at Londolozi, and you will be able to enjoy two game drives per day—one sunrise game drive and one sunset game drive. Londolozi also offers its guests the opportunity to go on bush walks, to go fishing, to experience the village and so much more. Guests can also opt to unwind with a professional massage or do a spot of yoga.

  1. What types of safaris does Londolozi offer?

Safaris at Londolozi are tailored to suit each individual’s needs; however all safaris at Londolozi emphasis game drives. Depending on when you choose to visit Londolozi, you will either follow the Summer Schedule or the Winter Schedule. Both schedules make certain that guests have the ultimate game viewing experiences throughout the day—so not to worry! The Londolozi rangers also specialise in photographic safaris and therefore Londolozi safaris are ideal for photographers. Londolozi is known for its breath-taking scenery which makes it perfect canvas for wildlife photography. It is the ideal place to take awesome photos of the big cats. Londolozi is so dedicated to photographic safaris that it even has its own photographic studio that allows guests to edit and print their very best safari shots. Guests can even book a private Land Rover with their very own photographic tutor!

  1. What does a typical day at Londolozi look like?

Each day differs from day to day because each safari experience is tailored to suit every guest’s specific needs. If you visit Londolozi in the summer, your day will begin with a gorgeous sunrise game drive at 5.30. After the thrilling adventure of an early game drive, you will be treated to a superb breakfast to fill you up. You can then choose to go on a lovely bush walk, do a spot of yoga, lounge around in your lodge, or you could even visit the wellness spa for a quick treat. Lunch is served at 1.30 and you will be able to indulge in only the best cuisine. Londolozi understands the importance of treating its guests to only the best food available. Cuisine at Londolozi pays tribute to its commitment to sustainability and its respect of the environment. Home grown, organic produce, free range game, and fresh herbs are the stars of Londolozi’s delightful menu. Many of Londolozi’s recipes have been handed down through the Varty family, but all of the recipes featured were brought to life in Londolozi’s bustling kitchen. At 16.00 guests are treated to a lavish high tea, after which they can hop onto the sunset game drive. Dinner is then served at 19.30. Winter follows a similar schedule with the day starting with a sunrise game drive at 6.00, and ending with the sunset game drive at 15.30, and dinner served at 19.00.

  1. Why Londolozi?

Londolozi epitomises everything luxurious and hospitable about Africa. In 2014, Londolozi was named the best hotel in the entire world by Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards—an absolute global honour! Londolozi is also world-renowned for its gorgeous leopards. To spot a leopard is an absolutely exhilarating experience, but Londolozi manages to take the idea of ‘spotting’ leopards to a whole new level. Londolozi’s intimate leopard sightings are truly phenomenal and an experience that is not to be missed. Londolozi is an out-of-Africa adventure that should be on everyone’s bucket list.


  1. What’s on offer at the Londolozi Wellness Centre?

The Londolozi Wellness Centre is committed to promoting healing. Guests can enjoy specialised yoga classes that are suitable for anyone—beginners and intermediate yogis alike. What could bring you closer to nature than doing yoga on the Yoga Deck which is suspended high up in a 500 year old ebony tree? Equally healing and relaxing, why not treat yourself to some massage therapy? Londolozi offers Swedish massages, aromatherapy massages, and reiki. You can even opt to have your massage in the privacy of your own room or deck! And, of course, Londolozi would never neglect its fitness fanatics. Its fully equipped gym offers running, cycling, and rowing machines, and it is open 24 hours a day!

Please do let us know if you have any more questions on Londolozi and the magic that awaits you there.

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  1. Loved every minute of our
    stay in July /August while we were guests of Matt Evans. Allister our game ranger was so professional. Saw the hoist of a large impala by Piva the male leopard 15 minures after landing. Plus the sighting if 11 others. Nothing was too much trouble. Amazing meals, cocktail hour in remote parts of the reserve,An experience never to be forgotten.

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