Tanzania—A Safari and Beach Heaven

Africa is known as the ultimate safari destination in the world. But Africa isn’t only a safari destination, it is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you’re planning a safari adventure in Africa, why not consider combining it with a beach holiday so that you get the best of both worlds? What’s not to love? Gorgeously white sandy beaches combined with exquisite out-of-Africa wilderness make Tanzania one of Africa’s most epic destinations to visit.

Tanzania truly has something for everyone. It boasts diverse wildlife—it is the stamping ground of the spectacular Great Migration after all. Everyone knows that the Serengeti is the place to be for a true African safari experience, and Tanzania lets its guests experience the epitome of an African safari. Not only is Tanzania home to the Serengeti, but it is also home to the Ngorongoro Crater.

Tanzania is the realm of superb game viewing. You can choose to stay in the Serengeti National Park which is known as Tanzania’s oldest game reserve. If you manage to stay in the National Park at the right time of the year, you might be lucky enough to witness the magnificent spectacle that is the Great Migration—a phenomenon that holds a place on many people’s bucket lists. And, can you imagine drifting above the endless plains of the Serengeti in a hot air balloon? An epic bird’s eye view of all that the Serengeti has to offer. The Park is also home to some of the most luxurious camps in the world—guests are treated to the ultimate African hospitality and can expect only the finest in African opulence. Places like Singita Sasakwa and Singita Faru Faru will win your heart over with their sheer dedication to everything lavish, and their spectacular views over the Serengeti. There’s a reason that the Serengeti is everyone’s idea of what Africa should be with its endless golden plains, unparalleled game viewing, and its exciting wildness—of course it’s the Africa of your dreams.

If untouched, pristine Africa is what you’re after, Tarangire National Park is the perfect place for you. It’s situated in Northern Tanzania and its famous for its elephants, its spectacular birding opportunities, and its vast and stunning baobab trees. It’s an underrated safari area but it has the largest concentration of elephants in the world! It is abundant in wildlife and is therefore perfect for an exclusive, precious safari adventure—especially if you’re crazy about elephants! If this sounds like your idea of perfection, consider staying at Chem Chem. It’s the ideal place for winding down—the ultimate ‘Slow Safari’.

The Ngorongoro Crater is another gorgeous part of Tanzania which you should consider exploring. It is known as the world’s largest intact caldera volcano and it was formed over 2 million years ago. It is such a special place because it is a paradise for game … and a paradise for game-lovers. If the Big Five is something that you’ve always dreamed of seeing, the Ngorongoro Crater is the place for you. Because it is such a unique setting, it is home to 30 000 animals, which means that it is not uncommon to see the Big Five in just one day. It’s the perfect place to see a lot of wildlife in a short space of time. Where could be better to stay at than the Nogorongoro Crater Lodge? This lodge looks like it has jumped out of the pages of a fairy-tale book—its ornate design, its stunning 360 degree views of the crater, and its opulent finishes will leave you feeling like an absolute king or queen. With Colonial, European, Maasai, and Baroque influences, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is so unique—it’s certainly something you could never have dreamt of.

Wherever you choose to go on safari in Tanzania, you have to end your African safari with a special island beach holiday. Just 35km from the Tanzanian coastline lies Zanzibar with its rich culture, beauty, and history. Historical it certainly is—it was once the home of the opulent Sultans and it is one of the most historically fascinating places you will ever experience. Aside from the exquisite history, Zanzibar is the paragon of beach and island getaways. White sandy beaches, brilliant blue waters, and gently swaying palm trees ensure an epic beach stay. Perfect for post-safari relaxation! Although there is so much to do in Zanzibar—snorkelling, diving, spice island tours, and historical tours—it is super important to take some time out to relax and lounge on its captivating beaches. If its luxury you’re looking for, you have to stay at Essque Zalu. It is arguably one of the most lavish hotels on the island—all guests are given their own private, sumptuous suite with phenomenal views, private balconies, and direct access to the beach. The perfect place to end your African adventure.

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