Mombo: The Heart of the Delta

It’s not often that a lodge can categorically claim top spot when it comes to the wildlife viewing in 16 000 square kilometres of wilderness. And it certainly shouldn’t be the case that the same lodge can be renowned for the best viewing for the better part of two decades.
Yet time and again, when you ask around the industry where are you going to experience the craziest sightings in the Okavango Delta, it is Mombo Camp that is mentioned.

If you look at the map below, you’ll see Chief’s Island sitting slightly to the right of centre in the Okavango. Mombo camp is found at the top-left of that island. In an ecosystem that is inundated most years, this landmass remains dry, yet still with access to water, and it is the consistency of habitat that has allowed the local wildlife population to establish itself permanently, and thrive.

According to Sean van der Merwe, a former GM of Mombo camp:

“When the waters rise, the rich nutrients flowing down with the stream are deposited into the soil around Mombo, making it idyllic for lush grasses to grow in the peat matter – which in turn attract large numbers of wildlife to graze on the happy green grass.

Wildlife around Mombo has always been nothing short of spectacular. Leopards are seen daily within the camp’s footprint and a glimpse of the rare pangolin is always possible. Another Mombo wildlife highlight is the abundant predator activity in this area.”

One doesn’t have to go far from camp to encounter wildlife. More often than not one doesn’t have to leave the camp at all, so prolific have the sightings become in the area.

Mombo’s design blends elegant ultra-luxury with the local surrounds. From the design of the connecting walkways to the enormous copper bathtub in each room, every design element has been carefully considered. The spacious rooms give you a sense of contemporary sumptuousness while maintaining the cherished sense of remoteness; of truly being in the bush. The designers used a lot of materials from the old camps (Mombo’s position was moved in 2000 to get better views of the floodplains, and the camp was refurbished in 2018), and redesigned in a way that takes nothing away from what the ‘Mombo feel’ is and has been.

The main bedrooms offers king-sized beds, a study and ottomans, private vanity desk, and en suite bathroom. Each bathroom features his-and-her’s marble basins, twin rain showers, and dressing area.

The outside private sala area boasts a double day bed, sunken couch, private plunge pool, and wrap-around veranda. Both the camp’s main areas and guest rooms are constructed of wood and canvas, creating a natural feel and leaving a light footprint on the environment.

Mombo’s world-class dining experience is an earth-to-table concept, where all produce is locally sourced, either from Maun and vicinity, or, in the case of certain specifics, from South Africa. The menu leans towards plant-based/mindful offerings, our executive chef is there to cater for your dietary needs.

But in the end it all comes back to the wildlife.

Lions, leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, buffalo, elephants everywhere… the photographic opportunities are endless, and with exceptional guides, stunning topography and vegetation, and a wildlife population that is habituated to the presence of vehicles, Mombo offers a safari experience which is hard to match anywhere on the African continent.

With a number of other Wilderness camps in Northern Botswana, a circuit safari taking in a number of offerings is the style we recommend; Vumbura Plains, Tubu Tree, Duma Tau… lodges that have become household names are just a short charter flight away from Mombo.

To start planning your circuit safari, or to find out more about rats and availability at Mombo itself, get in touch through…

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