Multigenerational Travel – The Who, What, Where & How

“Family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” George Santayana

Multigenerational travel – a frequent choice among travellers – has grown in popularity over the years. Families no longer focus on collecting things, but prefer accumulating authentic and memorable experiences with three or more generations ranging from infants to great-grandparents. Although traveling with such a diversely-aged group can be daunting, it has become a trend.

With more time and distance between loved ones, families are taking advantage of free time to travel and maximise family time. Each age group instigates a new travel trend – be it adventure, some R&R or personal enrichment. Fortunately, multigenerational travel can accommodate everyone’s travel needs. Appealing to all age groups, each generation can create their own memories while having an authentic experience with the entire family.

What matters is the people you are with; but so does where you go and what you do… so we have put together some multigenerational travel tips for you here:

Before choosing where to go, you need to decide who will be paying. Family vacations include the young and old, immediate family and sometimes close friends. Never assume that you are or aren’t paying. Rather discuss who’s footing what bill before planning the vacation – that way there are no surprises and you can begin to budget.

Determine a budget before you begin putting together an itinerary. Once you’ve established who’s paying for what, you can then decide where you want to go, how much you want to spend and what you would like to do.

One of the main concerns for large families is visiting a destination that works for a diverse group. This is why so many people choose Africa as their top multigenerational travel destination! It can be exhausting trying to appeal to so many age groups on different levels, but it is important that you have a balance of and enough activities – something Africa is not short of. You can accommodate those who prefer scenic game drives and luxurious pampering, adrenaline seekers and young first-timers.

The great thing about Africa is that there doesn’t have to be the debate of visiting an ‘old favourite’ or trying something new. Some families believe that returning to a place they have already been to and enjoyed is the safe choice. However, each country will evoke that special meaning or sentimental value – one of Africa’s great gifts.

Perhaps choose the same time to visit Africa, plan an itinerary that will give you the same experience and choose a new destination.

Decide on which time of the year is most suitable for the age demographics on your trip (as the weather can often determine which activities you can do) and what type of accommodation you are looking for. For larger families, it is ideal to book an entire suite or villa instead of single rooms – especially with young children.

Planning ahead and knowing what each traveller wants out of the trip is the easiest way to put together a vacation that everyone enjoys. By knowing what they hope to see and do is a good way to decide on a location. Africa can often accommodate multiple travel requirements at the same destination. Most countries have an array of landscapes and activities including mountain escapes and seaside living.

Every African country offers the wonders of nature – but southern Africa in particular is home to magnificent wildlife including the Big Five, birdlife and marine life if your family’s ideal holiday includes game drives and safari walks.

Ocean Safaris White Pearl Mozambique

Or come down to Cape Town for the best of both – the mountain and sea. This way you can please everyone with the beach and the bush. This city is ideal for both indoor and outdoor leisure activities such as visiting Table Mountain, sea kayaking or shopping!

Africa is the ideal place to begin a tradition of multigenerational travel – especially with young children. Introduce them to the natural wonders of the world here and give them a new-found love and respect for wildlife, fauna and flora.

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If child friendly accommodation is what you’re worried about, do not fret. Most lodges, reserves and parks host exciting activities and programmes for children under 12. For more on our top family friendly safari destinations click here.

Do not let multigenerational travel frighten you. Planning a family vacation of such magnitude is easy if you plan ahead. Africa offers travellers an overwhelming variety of destinations – each with its own unique culture, cuisine, landscapes and activities. In Africa, you can be amongst the mountains, in rugged terrains or near the ocean at one destination, so tailor your vacation to fulfil everyone’s travel desires!


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