#TBT: Terri And Her Love For Londolozi

The ultimate #throwbackthursday. A little trip down memory lane, a whole heap of nostalgia and some really old photographs:

Our co-founder Terri Abadi has an inimitable love for legendary Londolozi. We sat down with her to unpack this. Thank you Terri for sharing your wonderful memories and happy snapshots!

Terri Adabi Londolozi Blog

Tell us a little about your history at Londolozi:

Terri: “My extreme love for Londolozi started at 19 years old and I have since visited there almost every year. I got engaged in Granite Suites almost 19 years ago and am now blessed to be able to take my four children there every year on our annual summer vacation.



Where do you stay when you go there?

Terri: “We stay in Pioneer Camp every year.”



What brings you back?

Terri: “I’m not sure whether it’s the people or just Africa as a whole. In fact it is the feeling that you get when you are in Africa and especially Londolozi. It cannot be described… it just engulfs you. Each trip is better than the last. When we leave there and say bye to the Rangers and the staff we almost always have tears in our eyes, Africa always keeps you wanting to come back for more! 4

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What is it like for the kids?

Terri: “They have the most amazing kids programme, its educational as well as fun for them -offering them everything from tree climbing, baking, tracking animals to karaoke. Really and truly, they go above and beyond for you. My kids now love it just as much as we do. It is real quality family time… the perfect place to really go and just be a family in the true sense of the word. No iphones and ipads just good old talking and bonding. All my kids have been given African animal names – to represent something about their characters. My daughter says that we are true African Americans!”

JOHN AND KIDS Londolozi Blog

What do you think of the game at Londolozi?

Terri: “ Game sightings are always phenomenal! The topography and the position of Londolozi comes close to the best game viewing in my opinion in all of Africa! I love the leopards, know them all by name and follow their movements almost every day, even from home in the US. I check in with the rangers and numerous blogs every morning and in fact my kids now do that too!” Below is a lovely pic of Mashaba and cub:

Mashaba and cub

Which was your favourite leopard?

Terri: “ Camp Pan leopard was my favourite but unfortunately all signs lead me to believe he isn’t alive anymore… he was a brute of a leopard.”  Camp Pan in all his glory:

Which are your favourite lions?

Terri: “My favourite pride is the Sparta pride, they were the very first lions I ever saw at Londos. I always keep track of them through the Londolozi Blog.”

What do you think of the staff?

Terri: “The staff are phenomenal we have built friendships with them all from the camp manager to the host to the trackers to the team who runs the kids club and we look so forward to seeing them every year. In fact you leave Londolozi feeling like extended family!



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