Thanksgiving With the Iconic Africa Foundation

Seeing is just the start.

Iconic Africa creates exclusive luxury African safari and adventure holidays for couples and families alike, in both Southern and East Africa.

Our gorgeous destinations, all handpicked and visited by Iconic directors Terri and John, include: the sophistication of Cape Town, the glorious wine lands of the Franschoek Valley, the bustling Atlantic coastal retreat of Hermanus, the most stylish safaris of the Kruger National Park and adjoining private reserves, the emerald mosaic and epic wildlife of the Okavango Delta and Selinda Game Reserve, the adventure and majesty of the Victoria Falls, the last tropical island refuges floating in the cobalt blue of Mozambique’s Indian Ocean and the urban fascination and history of Johannesburg, the economic hub of Africa.

Iconic Africa regards the continent as a symbol of uBuntu; of how people are because of each other, of how we can be the best versions of ourselves no matter what our background, ethnicity, country of origin or economic status.

Since Iconic Africa launched in 2014, the goal of founders Terri Abadi and John Holley has been to share the wonders of the African continent with visitors who could appreciate and luxuriate in the awe-inspiring surroundings.

And, now, the time is right to launch Iconic Africa Foundation, so that guests become contributors – giving back to wildlife, conservation efforts, and Africa’s people.

The Iconic Africa Foundation provides the chance for visitors to Africa to make an impact through their safari.
Instead of simply viewing the stunning vistas and lush landscapes, guests of Iconic Africa will be making a contribution towards the protection of the wildlife, the land and her people, all of which enrich the travel experience exponentially.
Iconic Africa will be committing a percentage of each safari to wilderness conservation and the investment in community upliftment projects throughout Africa.
A crucial aspect of Iconic Africa’s philosophy is that the destinations we represent must demonstrate a genuine commitment to the conservation of Africa’s great wilderness areas and the rural communities who live alongside them.

Late November in the United States is a time for giving thanks for our gifts. What more perfect time to honour Africa as one of the great gifts the world has to offer?
The Iconic Africa Foundation will help ensure that the continent’s incredible natural history will be preserved for posterity.

We have seen the leopards lounging in long grasses, a sight we want to help ensure that our grandchildren will see.

We have watched stately elephants march down to the Sand River to get a sprinkling of fresh water, a procession we know you will find inspiring.

We have heard lions roaring around camp throughout the night and we can imagine the expressions on your faces bathed in the campfire light as you experience the same.

We have laid down after a day on safari, gazing into the starry sky, connecting with the world around us, and we want you to feel connected, too.

Iconic Africa’s founders have spent decades exploring our enchanted continent, and we have used this first-hand knowledge to put together our most loved and splendid African adventures.

Now through the Iconic Africa Foundation we aim to play our part in ensuring that generations to come can connect with these same life-changing experiences we have had.

The timing is prefect this Thanksgiving to launch the Iconic Africa Foundation to give back to Africa and its heritage…

Conserve – the innate beauty and wildness of Africa.

Preserve – memories you make in this timeless landscape.

Reserve – your trip with Iconic Africa.

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