The Big 6 of the Sky

When you’re headed to the bush – especially if it’s your first time, your attention will most likely be drawn to the Big Five first. Even fewer people are aware of the Big Six. Even if you’re not an avid birder, these six bird species should be on that must-see bucket list. They are special for a number of reasons, including their rarity to exceptional beauty.

They include the:

Lappet-faced Vulture,

Martial Eagle,

Saddle Billed Stork, there are only between 25 and 30 breeding pairs of Saddle-bills in the Kruger, plus a handful of non-breeding individuals. But because they are so large and striking in appearance, visitors regularly see them.

Kori Bustard,

Ground Hornbill and

Pel’s Fishing Owl is the most elusive of the Big 6 as it’s a nocturnal bird found along large bodies of water… There are however populations along the Limpopo, Levuvhu and Olifants Rivers.

The next time you are making lists, get your kids and family involved. It’s a great way to learn more about the bush before your departure and include everyone on the adventure and keep them enthusiastic.

While everyone will head on safari with a preconceived idea of what they want to see, don’t forget to be in the moment, take in your surroundings and appreciate every big and small sighting so that we don’t bypass the true magic of adventuring in the bush. This is the real treat!

Book your safari now! The bush is alive with possibility and magic awaiting your return.

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