The Luxury Big 5 – What makes a luxury safari?

Whether you are looking for romance, exclusivity or adventure… African bush camps really do have it all. But what is it that makes these camps the ultimate luxury destinations and what should you expect?

Below are the 5 special elements that we believe should stand out and wow you about your experience:

1. Food

The Food is always outstanding, it will tickle your tastebuds and keep you wanting for more. It is presented beautifully, tastes exquisite and will no doubt take you on a specially crafted African culinary journey.

OtMg_IYH4LTRPDa_uvZe6uoNhfC4UZtd9kZJPGhHCmw2.Your Lodge/ Tent / Room

These are furnished with only the best of the best homely comforts. Everything is of high quality with very classy fittings – lamps, carpets, tables and the most incredibly sumptuous bed and linen. A well stocked mini bar, snacks and room service on call for those lazy afternoons on your private deck overlooking the river.


The bathrooms are designed to give you the best possible bath /shower experience. Tastefully furnished and complete with fluffy towels, luxurious soaps, gowns, slippers and if you are lucky the best of all an outdoor shower!


The Staff are very friendly and warm, always beaming with happiness and extremely passionate about their little piece of the world. Service is of a very high standard and do everything in their ability to make your stay memorable, fun and unique.

riverlodge-content-025.Game Viewing

Rangers and Guides do everything they can to ensure you have the best possible game encounters. They get to know you, understand what it is that you want to see and will literally go to the ends of the earth to ensure you find that particular animal. They also ensure that your overall game drives are pleasurable, interesting, exciting and that you never want for a snack or a G&T!


We could go on forever but we just wanted to highlight the 5 key elements that are waiting for you! Let us know if there is anything else you believe is necessary to ensure the ultimate luxury Safari?

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