“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.” African Proverb

 World cup fever is alive and entirely consuming! So we thought we would put together a fun post on what we think would make up the perfect “Wildlife Rugby Team.” This is of course open for debate so if think you have better “players” in mind do let us know.

Prop: hippo

These are definitely the cutest of the robust animals (when standing still) and make up a sturdy front row. Be careful though, looks can be deceptive! Put a hippo between you and the tri-line and you will know all about it.


Lock: giraffe

Providing power and fight in the scrum these incredible animals use their height to win the lineouts.


Flank: eland

Fighting for the ball from the sides and key in the tackling process these majestic antelope use their horns to contest and win possession.


Hooker: rhino

One of the toughest and most determined animals the rhino makes the key decisions, coordinates the timing of the scrum and hooks the ball back into possession.


Number eight: buffalo

Robust and fast the buffalo supports play and carries the ball forward with some explosive runs up the field.


Scrumhalf: warthog

Acting as a link between the forwards and the backs the warthog is key to building attacks. It’s stocky and resolute and really gets involved in the scrum.


Fly-half: lion

The lion is the heartbeat of the side; the one with all the skills and the one that all the girls love. Arguably the most influential player, a key component of every attack and always surrounded by a pack of supporters! jaocamp-banner-04

Wing: meerkat

Playing out wide the meerkats often stand there looking for some action and seemingly left out of the game. However, when the action finds them they somehow manage to sneak into the tiniest of gaps.  thumb_IMG_7612_1024

Centre: kudu

Always locking horns and running into each other the kudus are dynamic runners with a good eye for exposing gaps in the opposition’s defence.


Full-back: leopard

The leopard is everywhere and pops up when you least expect it. The last line of defence, the leopard is often instrumental in launching lightning attacks from the back line.


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