Traveller Interview – Larry Greenberg

Iconic Africa recently had the pleasure of showing off some of our favourite luxury destinations to Larry Greenberg. Larry and his friend Miles had an incredible trip and were kind enough to share some thoughts and few photos with us:

Where did you go on your trip? 

Larry: “We went to five different places on our trip.  We went to Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Chobe River, Camp Xakanaxa, and Lion Sands River Lodge in Sabi Sands Game Reserve.”

Where was your favourite destination and why? 

Larry: “Though we totally enjoyed every place we visited, my favorite destination was Sabi Sands due to the amount and variety of animals we saw and had close encounters with, and the accommodations and staff were the best.”


 What was the best accommodation that you stayed at? 

Larry: “Victoria Falls Hotel and Lions Sands River Lodge.”

What was your most memorable moment? 

Larry: “Watching the lion and hyena eating from the same “kill” at the river’s edge in Sabi Sands.”

What did you think of the country as a whole? 

Larry: “Absolutely wonderful.  So much to see and do.”

IMG_7734 copy

What did you think of the people?

The people were ALL so friendly, kind and considerate.

Did you feel safe throughout your trip? 

Larry: “Absolutely – we never felt threatened or unsafe at any time, whether on a game drive or in camp.”


Did you like the cuisine?

Larry: “I am not much of one to try different things, buy I tried everything, and loved everything.  Things were prepared expertly, served beautifully, and were so tasty.”

What tips would you give other travellers? 

Larry: “Don’t be hesitant or afraid to go.  Chobe River and Sabi Sands Game Reserve are a “must see”.  It was the “Trip of a Lifetime.”



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