Traveller Journal: Miles Newman

Iconic Africa recently had the pleasure of welcoming Miles Newman to our beautiful continent. Miles absolutely loved her visit to Victoria Falls, Botswana, Cape Town and Sabi Sands and was kind enough to share the highlights with us.

Click on the video below for a brief snapshot of Miles’ trip or read on to learn more about his unforgettable African adventure and the incredible sightings he had!

Where did you go on your trip?                                                                                                                                         

Miles “I went to Cape Town, Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi Queen house boat in Botswana/Namibia, to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and lastly to the Lion Sands private game reserve in South Africa.”

Who did you travel with?                                                                                                                                               

Miles: “I travelled with my son’s father in law, Larry Greenberg.”

How did you travel i.e. what modes of transport did you use?                                                                             

Miles “Almost all flights except when going from Victoria Falls to the Zambezi Queen which was by jeep!”

Where was your favourite destination and why?         

Miles: “My favourite was Lion Sands private game reserve due to the amazing accommodation, incredible food and presentation, and the game drives with both a guide and tracker.

What was your most memorable moment?                                                                                                                 

Miles: “How do I choose the most memorable moment out of literally hundreds…. if not thousands of them.  I guess the time we spent watching a lioness eat her water buck kill in the water by herself, watching a hyena slowly make his or her way to the kill, watch the two of them actually share the kill, watching the lioness leave and then watching a second hyena come and share the kill with the first hyena! Seeing a pride of 8 lions with a cub was also amazing as was seeing beautiful leopards.  Every sighting we had was special as was every type of animal that we saw! I could list hundreds of fantastic highlights and go on and on about them.

Click here to see the actual video of the lion kill, compliments of Lion Sands.

What did you think of the country as a whole?                                                                                                     

Miles: “We loved every venue.  They were all special and different.  The people were incredibly friendly and helpful. Africa is a beautiful and diversified country with so much to see and so much to offer and learn.  We loved everything we did and everywhere we went.

Did you feel safe throughout your trip?

Miles: “We felt completely safe at all times and very excited when the animals were really close to our vehicles.  We never felt threatened in any way.”

Did you like the cuisine?                                                                                                                                                 

Miles: “The cuisine was awesome in its quality and variety.  At Lion Sands, the presentation was especially great but it was outstanding everywhere.”

What tips would you give other travellers?                                                                                                            

Miles: “I would tell others to do a variety of activities.  Our itinerary was perfect.  Starting with Cape Town, on to Victoria Falls, then a river cruise with river safaris, then the delta, and finally Sabi Sands allowed us to see so much variety and so many different settings that every day was exciting and interesting.  All of our animal sightings on the 3 different safaris we went on were also quite different.  That was the fun of it in that we never knew what or when we would see something else.  The perfect itinerary in the perfect order with the last venue of Sabi Sands being the crown jewel.  There were no venues that we visited that I would have wanted to miss.”

Thank you Miles for booking with us. We hope to welcome you back to Africa soon.


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