Traveller Review: Lily & Belinda Steele

Recent travellers Belinda and Lily Steele have been kind enough to share with us their recent, wonderful experience @Londolozi. Here’s what they got up to:


What did you think of South Africa as a whole?

Lily: “South Africa was a really amazing country. Just the whole atmosphere about it was really welcoming and inviting. It exceeded all expectations, which were pretty high… since I’ve been wanting to go there since I was young.”


What did you think of Londolozi?

Lily: “Londolozi was a really enjoyable place to stay. For such a big and professional place, it felt really personal, and you could tell that the people there enjoyed and had a lot of passion for their jobs, and wanted to share all of that with you. The rooms were stunning, the staff and other guests were kind and amiable, and it was a place you could really settle into, despite all the 5 am starts!”

What was your favourite thing about Londolozi?

Lily: “My favourite part about Londolozi was just the game drives in general. Every element of the game drives worked really well together and made for some really amazing moments, such as sticking with the one ranger and set of other guests for the time you were there, the camera lens renting they had available, and how close you could get to all the animals whilst not disrupting their natural behaviour.”


What was your most unforgettable moment?

Lily: “It’s really hard to narrow down to just one unforgettable moment, as the experience as a whole was so impacting. It would probably have been the time we were eating dinner outside in the boma at Londolozi with all the other guests and staff, having a barbecue, and a hyena darted right through before scampering out again. It was a bit of a shock at first and got everyone’s hearts racing, and then lead to almost half an hour’s worth of laughter.”

What was your favourite animal and why?

Lily: “All of the big five were amazing, being up close and personal with such powerful creatures in their own habitat and feeling so connected was such an overwhelming feeling. But I also personally really liked the Kudu, just how graceful and beautiful they seemed, even with their surprising size.”


 What was the most surprising thing about your trip?

Lily: “Probably the nature of the people themselves. A lot of media still shows Africa to be this really dangerous place, but the majority of people there were so kind hearted and spirited and happy that it was almost infectious.”

If you could describe your trip in one word what would it be?

Lily: “It felt like Home!”

A big thank you again Belinda and Lily – we can’t wait to see you back on Africa soil again soon. Just in case you missed it we featured Lily’s awesome pictures here. For more of her stunning photographs be sure you check out her Facebook page: @LASphotography

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