5 African FAQ’S

Your once in a lifetime African safari is booked and you are counting down the days! In the meantime you have a few questions about your upcoming adventure.

Africa is a new and exciting place but let’s face it it, it is slightly different form the rest of the world and so… its OK to have some questions on your mind.

We have put together 5 basic questions that travellers often ask us and a few things that we think will help you below:


What clothes do I wear on safari?

Informal and casual dress is best as it can get very hot. However, smart casual clothes are recommended for evenings in some of Africa’s top lodges. On safari, neutral colours like khaki, olive green and navy are ideal for tops, shorts and trousers.

Here are a few things to start your list:

Trousers (neutral colours)

Shorts (neutral colours)

T-shirts (neutral colours)

Long sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck (neutral colours)

Short sleeved shirts or blouses (neutral colours)

Long sleeved shirt or blouse (neutral colours)



Shoes (closed walking and sandals)

Click here for the rest of Iconic Africa’s special safari packing list!


What precautions do I need to take?

It is important to ensure that you speak to your doctor and  have the right vaccinations for travel to Africa before you set off on your trip. The vaccinations normally recommended for every country are: hepatitis A + B, typhoid and diphtheria. Additionally, malaria is endemic so we strongly advise you to take malaria prophylactics. The only exception to this rule is parts of South Africa. These include Madikwe and the game lodges around Port Elizabeth. Travel clinics can sometimes have long waiting lists so make sure you get it done sooner rather than later.


Can I charge my phone/ipad/laptop/camera?

The mains electricity supply in virtually all lodges is 240 volts, 50 cycles, with 3-prong rounded plugs. All camps will be able to help you with the charging of your electronic devices.


Should I be worried about safety?

No, there really isn’t reason to worry and if there was we wouldn’t have that destination available on our site. We also make sure that we constantly receive regular updates from the Foreign Office on all the countries where we operate so we would let you know long in advance.


Is the water safe to drink?

Most locals do drink the water but we would always advise our guests to drink bottled water throughout their stay in Africa. If you have any queries about this on your trip, just speak to your lodge managers and they will be able to advise you.

If you have any other queries at all please let us know and we will be sure to help you in no time.

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