Terri’s Trip to Beautiful Botswana

Our very own Terri Abadi was treated to a magical Botswanan experience. We sat down with her briefly to get the rundown on what she thought of it all. As always she took tons of photos and has kindly shared some of them with us. Here’s what she had to say:

Where did you go in Botswana?

Terri: “I went to a couple of the Wilderness Camps ranging from the classic to the premier camps namely Chitabe, Vumbura Plains, Duma Tau and Kings Camp.”


Which was your favourite Camp and why?

Terri: “It’s very difficult to say as each camp had its own special brand of magic and each was special in its very own way. Vumbura camp was spectacular; the rooms were spacious and beyond compare offering contemporary African Eco-chic rooms with beautiful views across the flood plains. It offers both water and land excursions as well as walks, so a very varied wildlife experience. Perhaps spotting a pride of lions from my room and later witnessing them eating a kill less than 50 meters from our room made this place indescribable, certainly, a story that I will share around many a campfire!”


What made it different from South African lodges?

Terri: “Game viewing in Botswana is enjoyed on both land and water year-round and there’s always an abundance of elephants all over.”


Was it difficult to get to?

Terri: “Not at all there are direct flights to Maun and Wilderness flights to the various lodges.”

What were the Botswanan people like?

Terri: “Very friendly and warm. They were very proud and patriotic of their Botswanan heritage and country and very grateful when people visited and they could share it.”


What was your most favourite meal/drink of the trip?

Terri: “The welcome drink was always a refreshing delight especially in the heat!”

What is your fondest memory?

Terri: “I missed the early game drive but had the best sighting of lions in the camp and had this all to myself!


What is your favourite thing about the Botswanan landscape?

Terri: “The vastness of the pristine environment, the colours of the ever-changing landscapes, spectacular wildlife, a real natural wonder. It is honestly something you have to witness to truly appreciate.”

Did you do any fun activities?

Terri: “Mokoro boating.”


What was your best sighting?

Terri: “Wild dogs hunting.”

Give one tip for future travellers to Botswana?

Terri: “Pack light and in a duffel bag.”

What did you love most about the trip?

Terri: “The game viewing.”

What would you say is the Botswanan game changer?

Terri: “The abundance of wildlife and the remoteness of the areas. It is completely untouched.”

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