5 Great Travel Apps

“To travel is to live.” Hans Christian Anderson

In today’s technological world there are so many great applications that can help make travel just that much easier and more enjoyable.

Travellers to Africa generally feel more content and more relaxed when everything is under control so we have put together a brief list of some awesome travel apps. We hope that they come in use at some stage in your travels.

1. City Guides

City Guides and Offline Maps by Stay.com lets you explore new travel destinations and make plans on where you are going to go and what you are going to do!

Available on: Android, iOS


2. Converter Plus

Converter Plus converts much more than just money. For example if you need to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, or kilos to pounds, Converter Plus can do that, too. Great when visiting a country that uses different currency and metric system to your own.

Available on: iOS

kopano-banner-043. Evernote

This note-taking app Evernote is fantastic for making notes about practically anything, including travel itineraries. Evernote can keep a copy of important travel information offline. If you’ve backed up a copy of the important details to Evernote, which you can do by simply forwarding emails, you’ll have everything you need.

Available on: Android, iOS, Mac, Web, Windows, Windows Phone


4. Expedia

Expedia has been long known as a travel search, information, and booking website, but its mobile app is good too and lets you book car rentals and search for activities in travel destinations around the world.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web


5. Google Maps

Google Maps is imperative when driving in a new country. Google Maps provides step-by-step directions and detects delays up ahead, such as traffic and accidents. The app automatically offers a quicker route. It’s a great in-car GPS navigation system, right from your phone.

Available on: Android, iOS, Web


Next time you travel try and use one of these new apps… you will be surprised by just how helpful they can be! If you have any other questions particularly about travelling to Africa please do let us know and we will be sure to help you in any way we can!











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