7 Things to be Thankful for as Africans

“I am an African not because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.” Kwame Nkrumah

The African continent holds a very special place in our hearts and today is the day to give thanks for all those things that make living and visiting Africa so incredible.

To those who have never been… we wish that you will visit in the not too distant future and that you will come to know and love this amazing place.

In the meantime & in the spirit of thanksgiving here are 7 things we (as African’s) are grateful for:

1.Our People

Special conversations, shared laughs and smiles are parts of every day in Africa. The warmth, humility and courage of its people is overwhelming and infectious!


2.Our Sunrises and Sunsets

Only the best and most beautiful you could ever imagine. The sky lights up with a thousand splendid colours and imprints on your memory forever.



3.Our Wildlife

The variety and quantity of wildlife that we share the continent with is sometimes unbelievable. It is an honour to experience these majestic creatures.



4.Our Food

Always prepared with the utmost care the taste sensations and culinary journeys we are exposed to on a daily basis are out of this world!


5.Our Culture

This colourful land is bursting with characters, cultures, religions and beliefs aplenty. There is so much to see, to learn and to understand.


6. Our Landscapes

From savannahs, to mountains, to forests, to beaches to deserts we have it all and it’s ever changing and always takes your breath away.


7. Our Freedom

Nowhere else will you experience space like in Africa. The middle of nowhere is a real place here and a feeling experienced often on this endless continent!



From all of us at Iconic Africa, Happy Thanksgiving!


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