“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky.” Kahlil Gibran

Today is National Arbor Day so in a tribute to the trees we have picked our top 10 tree pictures to share with you. Whether it is planting a tree, making a conscious decision not to print that 50 page report or simply stopping to appreciate their beauty. Keep them in your thoughts today.

trees 12

Arbor Day was first celebrated in 1983 and in 1999 the collective enthusiasm for the issue inspired the government to extend it to Arbor Week. The event captured the imagination of people who recognized the need for raising awareness of the value of trees in our society. Now, from 1 to 7 September every year, schools, businesses and organizations are encouraged to participate in community “greening” events to improve the health and beauty of the local environment and propose a green future for South Africa.

trees 7

Trees play a silent yet vital role in our lives. Not only do they absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen…they are crucial to biodiversity conservation. They are needed to enrich soil, to maximise water supplies, to beautify and to provide shade and shelter. Products and services from trees include food, timber, fibre, medicines and energy. They play a key role in the livelihoods of both people and the environment and in sustainable development for now and the future.

trees 2

Southern Africa has over 1700 different native species. From the Baobab, Umbrella Thorn, Jackalberry, Mopane, Marula…and so many more, they truly are a wonder to behold.

trees 1

trees 10

trees 11

trees 6

trees 1

trees 3 royal chundu

trees 9


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