Iconic Africa recently had the pleasure of welcoming Adrien Boyer from Facebook to South Africa. Adrien had a fantastic time in our beautiful country and was kind enough to share his experience and a few snapshots with us.


What was your most memorable moment?

Adrien: “To see a wounded wild dog female looking after 20 babies. Strong maternal instinct!”

What did you think of the country as a whole?

Adrien: “South Africa is fascinating. I loved the wild nature and the immersive experience it offers. The natural surroundings, and the animals are stunning. I also find the country as a whole very interesting and, while there is a lot more to do, the relatively peaceful transition that has happened since the Apartheid is impressive.”

What did you think of the people?

Adrien: ” Extremely welcoming. Everyone wanted to make sure I had a memorable experience. Wonderful!”


Did you feel safe throughout your trip?

Adrien: “Absolutely. I never felt once at risk. Obviously there are do’s and don’t, but if you respect them, you incur no risks”

Did you like the cuisine?

Adrien: “Delicious cuisine. I ate way too much though ;)”

What tips would you give other travellers?

Adrien: “I wanted to do a tour in a park and go to Cape Town, but didn’t have time to do both. I am pleased I decided on a tour. Don’t miss a trip in the Bush. It is breathtaking.”


Thank you Adrien for sharing your special moments with us, we hope to see you on our African shores again soon. For more incredible African adventures that await you click here.


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