Clay and Alex’s Happy Honeymoon Snapshots

Iconic Africa recently had the honour of treating Clay and Alexandria Efferson to an idyllic honeymoon in the Kruger, Cape Town and Franschhoek. They were kind enough to give us some feedback and share some of their incredible pictures.

Kruger: “One of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. We stayed at Narina Lodge at Lion Sands Resort in the middle of the park. Amazing adventure. 4 million plus acres of wildlife.”

Cape Town: “Cape Town was AMAZING!”

Franschhoek“This is the final leg of our Honeymoon. The wine country was amazing and I cannot say enough about Iconic Africa. They really set up one of the greatest experiences of our life. Thanks again John. This wont be our last trip to South Africa. If its not on your bucket list then put it there. The pictures dont do justice to the actual experience.”

Entire Honeymoon: “It was truly amazing.  A bucket list trip and one of if not THE greatest trip I have taken.  Top marks and credit for such a vacation.”

Below are 10 top pictures of the trip:











Thanks so much Clay and Alex for sharing these with us. We hope to have you back here soon.


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