Traveller Interview: Lindsay Pisciotta

Iconic Africa had the pleasure of welcoming Lindsey Pisciotta to our beautiful country. Lindsey was kind enough to chat to us and share some pictures of her time at Londolozi. This is what she had to say:

What was your most memorable moment?

Lindsay: “My most memorable moment was being able to capture the magical African sunsets in the Sabi Sands whilst watching a heard of elephants and listening to them trumpet.”



 What did you think of the country as a whole?

Lindsay: “The diversity of the people, culture, and food completely exceeded my expectations. I never thought South Africa would be my favourite place to visit.”

 What did you think of the people?

Lindsay: “I found the people to be very friendly and welcoming to their country.”


 Did you feel you feel safe throughout your trip?

Lindsay: “Not once did I have a feeling of uncertainty about my safety. I feel a lot has to do with Iconic Africa for making sure I was 110% taken care of from the beginning to the end.”

 Did you like the cuisine?

Lindsay: “The cuisine was like nothing I have ever tasted before in my life. Everything was fresh and cooked to perfection. I have tried many different restaurants and not once was I disappointed in the food or the service.”


What tips would you give other travellers?

Lindsay: “Don’t be afraid to venture out and experience all that South Africa has to offer.”

Thank you Lindsay for your kind words – we hope to see you back here soon!

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