Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Iconic Africa!

For this special holiday, Iconic Africa would like to invite you to express the five love languages on the continent they adore. Here’s how to experience your love language in Africa:

1. Roaring lions speak words of affirmation.

2. The bold African sun envelops you with warmth and promise for physical touch.

3. Spend time together sitting in the wilderness surrounded by the sounds of the savannah.

4. Perform acts of service through your travel contributing to community upliftment through Iconic Africa Foundation.

5. Give the gift of travel, securing stunning memories and paying it forward with every trip.

They say you’ll fall in love three times in your life, but, for me, Africa has always been the love of my life.

With the help of Ironic Africa, I’d like to share my love with you this Valentine’s Day…

Come and hear the lions who roam just out of view, as you gaze into the eyes of your loved ones who are reflected in the light of the campfire. There is such connection to be found here; whether is to those with you, to yourself, or to a nostalgia for a long-forgotten time in our ancestral past when we were all seated round the campfire…

Wake up to the vivid rays of the African sun creeping over the horizon, the dawn chorus of birds enriching the crisp chill of the dawn air. There is no greater place to start the day than in the African bush, and nowhere will you feel more connected to that glowing orb in the huge open sky.
Hold hands as you walk together across the savannah through grasses and across landscapes overflowing with wildlife. The memories you make as you give the gift of the trip of a lifetime will remain in your hearts and minds for years to come.

And, your gift will in turn give back to Africa through the Iconic Africa Foundation, which will contribute a portion of your travel to preservation and conservation efforts, sustaining the continent that you, too, will come to love.

Experience Africa. Experience love. Come and travel with us…

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