Magical Mozambican Moments

Mozambique is a sensory overload of beauty, wilderness, culture and flavour flanked by 2400kms of silky white beaches. Dotted along the astonishing coastline, are pieces of heaven that literally are some of the last wild island paradises in the world.


Mozambique really is a one-of-kind holiday and one that everyone deserves to experience. In case you are not quite so sure what awaits you, here are 10 magical Mozambican moments you can look forward to:


  1. Swimming full perimeters of idyllic islands… and (if you are lucky) with a few dolphins
  2. Sunbathing under lazy palms on pristine white beaches that go on for days
  3. Snorkelling through hundreds of colours and species of beautiful sea life
  4. Indulging in a refreshingly ice cold Tipo Tinto (Rum and Raspberry cola – the local drink)
  5. Delighting in a spicy peri peri chicken
  6. A big welcome from the lovely, smiley locals
  7. Unprecedented luxury and an overwhelming sense of space
  8. Magnificent, seafood, juicy mangoes and crunchy cashew nuts
  9. Night swims in warm water with flittering, luminous phytoplankton
  10. Tranquillity, serenity and romance like nowhere else in the world


Mozambique is a symbol of hope, beauty and possibility. Benguerra and Quilalea present the most luxurious and secluded ways to relish the legendary islands drifting off the ancient coast. Click here and in no time we will have you basking in the splendour of a once-in-a-lifetime Mozambique island holiday.



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