Tropical Paradise Rediscovered

Mozambique is an oft-overlooked coastal holiday destination. Which in some ways is understandable given that it shares the same ocean with some of the world’s most well-known and romanticised island getaways like the Seychelles, the Maldives and Mauritius.

Yet the Mozambican coastline – and in particular some of its offshore islands – has come into its own over the last decade, offering world-class beach and island holidays with a uniquely African flavour.

Since many of the more prominent lodges and resorts are only a short flight away from the iconic safari destinations just over the border in South Africa, more and more people are tagging on a Mozambican excursion to their safari itinerary, as a way to put the feet up and wind down after a few days of intense wildlife viewing, or simply as a romantic escape and an opportunity to enjoy a crisp glass of wine whilst watching the sun set in the far distance over the African mainland, painting the ocean a thousand shades of red and orange.

Azura Benguerra

In terms of a checklist for picture-perfect beach destinations, Mozambique certainly ticks all the boxes; crystal clear waters, sea temperature around the mid-20s or even higher, white sand beaches with their accompanying overhanging palm trees…
For the fishermen out there most resorts offer deep-sea adventures where dorado and tuna are an easy catch and will likely end up on the barbecue for dinner, and for the lucky anglers a marlin is not out of the question.

The sea is simply brimming with life in this part of the world, and be it on scuba or simply snorkelling close to shore, one is guaranteed to be amazed by the colourful array of marine inhabitants that come in a myriad of shapes and sizes.
The Bazaruto archipelago is one of the last strongholds of the endangered dugong, a marine mammal that breeds in and amongst the mangrove shallows, and a dhow excursion around the azure blue bays might even have you catch a glimpse of one.

For far too long Mozambique has stood on the sidelines in the incredible beach-holiday game, but with the world opening up for travel once more, the southern islands in particular are poised to take their rightful place amongst the most idyllic coastal escapes the world has to offer.

Redefine what your previous idea of coastal luxury was and come and see for yourself.
With a number of spectacular lodges scattered around the Bazaruto archipelago and further north, there are more than enough options to choose from, so if you feel like an entire holiday filled with the salt air and falling asleep to the sound of the Indian Ocean lapping the shoreline, or if you simply want to tag on a few days to your safari adventure, get in touch…


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