Up Close and Personal with The Elephant Camp

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant is faithful one hundred percent.” Dr. Seuss


One of the most incredible places to really get to know and understand these exquisite animals is The Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls. ele 1

The Elephant Camp, ten scenic kilometres from the town of Victoria Falls, is ideally placed for solitude and seclusion and the myriad sights, adventures and pleasures that this Zimbabwean wonderland has to offer. In the distance, the golden-grey spray of the Victoria Falls also know as “The Smoke that Thunders,” presents an impossibly majestic backdrop to the ultimate African adventure.

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The camp exudes an all-encompassing Victorian atmosphere with luxurious modern comforts.In the main lounge area, shining brass chandeliers, strung from the airy canvas tent, cast a gorgeous golden light on the exquisite Victorian sofas, chairs and detailed finishes. The lounge is sublime sanctuary while the lofted deck open to the wonder of the Zambezi gorge and the mist of the falls is an excellent place to contemplate nature and the earth.

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The Elephant Camp offers you the humbling and inspirational chance to feed, touch and interact with elephants. The energy of these intuitive and magnificent giants will touch your soul. At dawn, when the spray of the falls shines in the rising sun, one of these confiding behemoths will take you onto her back and convey you along the ancient game paths that traverse the precipitous edges of the Zambezi gorge in the Victoria Falls National Park.
  For the adventurous, plunging into the gorge, and probably the swirling waters too is an excellent option. White water rafting through the rolling, bubbling rapids of the Zambezi – on a raft, a kayak or boogie board – will leave you breathless, exhilarated and humbled by the unfathomable power of mother nature.

In the evening, as the edge of the African heat dissipates and the shadows of the Mopane and Baobab trees lengthen, a picturesque river cruise on the calm Zambezi waters above the falls is the perfect way to contemplate the soul-searching power and majesty of Africa.


Daily scheduled flights into Victoria Falls Airport make travel from Johannesburg, Harare or Windhoek (four days a week) simple and convenient. From the charming little Victoria Falls Airport, it is a scenic 40 minute trip in an air-conditioned shuttle to The Elephant Camp.

The awe-inspiring Zambezi gorge and the intimate contact with the ancient energy of elephants make The Elephant Camp an epic destination. It’s a bastion of Victorian opulence in the untamed splendour and intimidating power of Victoria Falls.

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