Bisate Gorilla Trekking

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; coming face to face with one of the great apes is one of the most surreal, life-changing experiences one can have.

To look into the eyes of a wild animal and recognise in it a fellow sentient being. To know unequivocally that the creature is examining you just as readily as you are examining it, will totally realign your concepts of your own humanity and indeed our place as a species on this planet.

The mountain gorillas of East and Central Africa are right up at the top of many ardent safari goers’ bucket lists, and so they should be. Until not too long ago however they were hard to reach, with only a few rudimentary lodges and fly-by-night trekking operations allowing access to the thick equatorial forests in which they make their homes.
Yet the last couple of decades have seen a number of superb lodges being built in prime positions along the mountain ranges the gorillas occur in.

Bisate Lodge in Rwanda, part of the Wilderness Safaris portfolio, is one of our favourites in the region; the six forest villas perched like birds nests in the Volcanoes National Park are simply breath-taking. And arguably the finest base in Africa from which to trek to see the famous mountain gorillas of the Virungas Mountains.

Since opening in 2017, Bisate has racked up 34 awards and continues to inspire; a wine cellar, library, spa, restaurant, and tree nursery, woven through with warm hospitality complete this natural wonder and make the place feel as though it is simply an extension of the environment.
Bisate’s eco-friendly approach ensures minimal impact on its surroundings, places a heavy emphasis on community upliftment, and contributes significantly to the safe-guarding of the local gorilla population and their environment.

For the rest of 2023, Rwanda is offering a massive reduction in the price of gorilla trekking permits for African residents, so if you want to experience something that will truly touch your soul, the time is now.

Get in touch through to enquire about availability, and let’s start planning your safari…

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