Gorilla Trekking: The Time is Now!

Africa’s most diverse protected area is the Virunga National Park; a third of the world’s mountain gorillas occur here, as well as over one thousand species of bird, mammal, reptile and amphibians.
Yet the national park itself is just a sample of the incredible wildlife experience the region offers. The Virunga Mountain range, which runs along the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC, is home to perhaps Africa’s greatest wildlife encounter, which can be experienced in a number of places and from a number of lodges in the area; Gorilla trekking.

Coming face to face with the great apes in the wild is an emotional experience. Time stretches out before you yet goes by so fast at the same time. You feel like you have been holding your breath for the whole duration of the encounter.
Sitting barely a metre from a huge silverback male is something very few people have the opportunity to do, and with only a small population surviving in the wild, it may even be that the current generation is the last on planet earth to be able to have these encounters.

The fantastic news is that the experience has suddenly become far more accessible than it has been for years. A special on gorilla trekking permits for African citizens is currently running and will be continuing until the end of 2022. The often prohibitive cost of $1500 for a permit has been reduced to just $500, so there literally isn’t a better time to go than right now!

Mountain gorillas, Virunga Mountains, Rwanda

With a number of lodges in the Virunga region currently running specials as well, the combination of reduced permit prices and discounted accommodation has seen a surge in interest in the experience.
Given that space is limited in most of the lodges and only a certain number of guests can participate in each trek, be sure to contact us as soo as you have dates in mind over which you might like to visit.
This is truly a bucket-list adventure, and there was never a better time to go!

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