Monwana Game Lodge: Experience Exceptional

The More Family Collection has long been associated with outstanding safari experiences.

Their lodges, boutique hotels and private residences are found in Southern Africa’s best leisure destinations, and combine to offer you the classic Southern African experience, with the More Family Collection’s signature ‘golden thread’ running through them.

Monwana Game Lodge in Thornybush Nature Reserve embodies the spirit of homecoming, and encourages a deep connection to nature.

Thornybush is part of the Greater Kruger National Park, and is unfenced from the 20 000 square kilometre wilderness.

The 14 000ha although concession upon which the lodge is found is literally teeming with wildlife. Elephants parade past the lodge’s waterhole, leopards rasp from the riverbed at night, and from the deck of your suite or the comfort of the main lodge area, you can watch the best of Africa passing by throughout the day.

Four spacious suites accommodate two guests each, and all offer beautiful views from their private shaded decks. Birdwatch from the comfort of a lounger whilst the sun is high, or cool off in your plunge pool (which is heated to beat the coldest months of winter).
Underfloor heating within the rooms themselves and heated towel rails take the edge of the crispness of winter, and the high quality of linen, dressing gowns and towels will leave you feeling exquisitely pampered.

In addition to the four suites, two family suites which can accommodate up to five guests are available. These are ideal for families with older children (reserve policy stipulates a minimum age of ten), as the secondary bedroom features twin beds, and an extra one can easily be added.

The Private safari vehicle that comes with each family suite ensures that your bush adventures flow with your own rhythm. Come back later if needs be or head out earlier in the afternoon to maximise your bush time…
It’ll just be you on board, so spend as long as you want admiring all of nature’s aspects, without the pressure of fitting in with the needs of others.

In an industry already flush with exceptional safari experiences, Monwana is truly special. You will instantly feel at home there, and there are few places that will have you getting that in touch with nature that quickly.

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