Qorokwe: Wildlife on Tap

The richness of this exquisite safari camp lies in the vibrance of its different landscapes. Rivers that reflect brooding, dramatic skies. Lush, green profusions of wildflowers. Rippling grasslands peppered with wildlife. Spend sunny days exploring the channels by mokoro. Scan and listen for wildlife; a herd of red lechwe, mud-encrusted buffalo bulls, elephants and giraffes, and the predators that this concession abounds with.

You know you’re in excellent hands at this eco-chic luxury safari camp in Botswana, with its commitment to local community empowerment.
Qorokwe Camp has eight rooms with tented suites and indoor and outdoor showers. In addition, its extra-spacious family unit has its own splash pool. The wonderful open dining and lounge area and bar are set on a raised deck, connected to the suites by walkways.

Sundowners are generally a highlight on safari, and those at Qorokwe are no exception. Guides take special care to scout a good sundown spot while on the afternoon game drive, at which drinks will be served and guests can bask in the magnificence of an Okavango sunset.

Botswana has a unique and effective eco-tourism model: low volume, high expenditure per head. Game viewing is simply out of this world. You’ll likely spot the Big Five, which is unusual in many other parts of Africa these days. Due to the low volume of travelers, you won’t have to share that moment of spotting a pride of lions with five-plus jeeps around you. Chances are you’ll come back to camp after each drive with stories to tell that go way beyond just having spotted a herd of elephants or a baby giraffe. The views here are consistently quality, so to see predators on the hunt or multi-species interactions is not out of the question…

Qorokwe is beautiful, comfortable, and incredibly well-staffed. The price point can be around three times less than other high-end camps in Botswana, but with no sacrifice to the quality of viewing or service. Also, it is on a private concession inside the Okavango, meaning you can off-road and do night drives, unlike other parts of the Delta.

Because the Okavango is such an enormous open ecosystem, wildlife viewing has the potential to ebb and flow between years and seasons. With the incredible sightings that Qorokwe guests are experiencing on a regular basis, it’s safe to say that its season is well and truly in full bloom!

Contact us through info@iconicafrica.com for more information, and let’s start planning your safari…

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