SA Resident Specials in Big Cat Paradise

As April draws to a close and lodges across Africa get busier and busier as travellers return, we are delighted to announce that certain South African safari properties will be upholding their resident rates in the short- to mid-term. Mala Mala Game Reserve, bordering South Africa’s world famous Kruger National Park, will be offering these specials right up until December 2022, so make sure you don’t miss out.

It’s no secret that Mala Mala is one of the best places in Africa to view lions, leopards and cheetahs. And not only view them, but have front row seats to some of the most action-packed game viewing on the continent. Leopards in trees, lions moving new-born cubs between dens… it seems like nothing is out of the question here.
It’s not only the cat density on Mala Mala that is so high (a recent study found the greater area to hold the highest density of Leopards yet recoded in Africa) but the general game too, which means that the predators have an absolute buffet of prey species laid out for them.
Witnessing hunts is common, as the unique Sand River frontage (over 20 kilometre of sandy beaches and reedbeds) provides ultimate concealment opportunities for predators on the prowl.

Mala Mala has been one of the iconic Africa lodges since the early days of photographic safaris, opening its doors in the late 1960s. With over 50 years of  experience in the industry it has continued to refine its offering, but its incredible wildlife population has always meant that little more needs to happen than simply driving out into the bush; something will come along, and more than likely a high profile species!

Mala Mala has three camps on offer; Main, Sable and Rattrays.

Main Camp is the largest of the three with 10 luxury suites, 8 luxury rooms and a luxury single suite. Sable, situated right next door to Main, has 5 luxury suites and the Lion’s Den suite (a two-bedroom interleading suite) and Rattrays, lying a couple of kilometres downstream on the Sand River, offers 8 luxury suites.
Main camp and Sable tend to be for families wanting to enjoy the bush together, whilst Rattrays is for the ardent safari-goers and photographers, restricting the number of guests on a vehicle to four, thereby heightening the intimacy of the game-viewing experience.

Whilst the game-viewing is good year-round, seasonal changes meant that different areas and animals become the focus during different months.

May, when these special resident rates kick off, is the impala rut, when rams are jousting for mating rights and as a consequence falling regular prey to leopards in particular.

June through August are the clear winter months featuring chilly mornings and wonderfully mild days. As the dry season tightens its grip, animals of all shapes and sizes flock to the Sand River to drink, and predator activity along its banks is prolific.

October signals the onset of the rains, and the first green flush of spring. More and more rainfall initiates the impala and wildebeest birthing into November and December, when new life is literally everywhere in the bush. No one time is better than another, they are simply different, and finding out a bit more about the various seasons before you book will help you know what to expect. Our consultants will help you with that!

As travel returns to normality, rates are swiftly returning to what they where pre-Covid, so we urge our South African guests not to miss out on this unique opportunity to visit one of Africa’s great safari destinations at these prices.

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