South Africa: The Ultimate Travel Destination

South Africa literally has it all.

Well. Almost.

It can’t quite compete with the Alps or the Rocky Mountains as a skiing destination, but for the rest, you name it, it’s got it!
Beaches, mountains, forests, deserts, bustling cities, cultural heritage sites, fascinating history, amazing food and wine… the list is seemingly endless.
From the rugged yet stunning west coast through the dry interior to the high peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains, and down the other side to the turtle-strewn beaches of Kwazulu/Natal, if you can’t find something here that absolutely blows you away, you’re doing something wrong…

The sheer diversity of experiences on offer is simply staggering, and the fact that the country is linked together by incredibly efficient modern airports in the major city centres, smaller regional hubs, and a road network that runs through the major tourist areas, and you have the perfect recipe for travel.

You could spend a month in the Mother City (Cape Town) and not do it all, and once you get your safari fix for the first time, you’ll be spending the next year planning your return trip, so addictive does it become.
The eastern Lowveld towards Mozambique is the traditional area to safari, and the Garden Route along the south coast offers quaint and magical little escapes where one can luncheon on oysters and champagne then go mountain biking in the forest, but to be honest, there is no corner of South Africa that doesn’t contain its own special offering.

The main tourist areas are just that for a reason – they feature incredibly high densities of amazing things to do – but from the farthest flung desert to the chilliest mountain peak, the country is strewn with thousands off hamlets, homesteads and adventure activities that are just waiting to be discovered. And heading off the beaten track often ensures lower costs and fewer people…

South Africa is about SO much more than just safari. It truly is one of the low-hanging fruit of travel destinations in the world. You will love it. That much we guarantee,

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