Space & Silence: The Real Luxury

In this modern age of safari, when there are countless lodges to choose from, often with no more than a few kilometres between them, people are starting to reevaluate what luxury means.
Wifi speeds and thread-counts, wine lists and heated seats in the game viewer… these are certainly things that can optimise your enjoyment of an experience and make it as comfortable as can be desired, but are they things you can’t find anywhere else? Are they things that will leave you breathless and in complete awe?

It is the sensation of feeling somehow so insignificant yet so much a part of something that people are starting to realise they are truly searching for, and that you are unlikely to find in a fairly standard lodge offering, no matter how “luxurious” it may be on the surface.
Those feelings can only be sought in the stillness of great space, where one can look to distant horizons and let the imagination soar as to what might be out there.

The absolute silence of the Makgadikgadi Pans as you gaze out over their endless salt flats will humble you.
A huge bull elephant dwarfed by the vastness of the north Namibian landscape will give you a new appreciation for the fine balance of life in the harsher environments of this world, and the beauty of an Okavango sunset reflected in the still waters will open your mind to colours and beauty you never knew existed.

These are the bespoke trips we love our guests to experience. Discovering the thrill of safari and adventure often comes with the realisation that it’s not only about the wildlife, but about feeling grounded with the earth and unearthing a deep sense of reverence.
Finding places in this world that are hardly affected by man and where you still very much need to respect the elements gives one a respect for nature that won’t dwindle.

Come and travel with us to uncover these worlds.
Where the magnificence of the land before you makes your gin and tonic the sweetest you’ve ever tasted, and where the emotions of being confronted by such grandeur leave you almost drained come the end of the day, so you enjoy the best sleep you’ve ever had, disturbed only y the lion’s roar on the still night air.

Come and journey with Iconic Africa, and discover that the stillness to be found out there can translate into a stillness and peace within you…

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