Bush Legends Dinner for Endangered Wildlife Trust

July 20th saw an incredible fund-raising event take place at Katy’s Palace in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In honour of their tenth anniversary, the Jocks of the Bushveld – a bush-loving group of friends – hosted a dinner in collaboration with the Endangered Wildlife Trust – who were celebrating their 50th anniversary – to raise money for the EWT and the work that they do.

The dinner featured a number of Bush Legends, for once dressed up in black tie instead of khaki, who shared their stories and strategies for protecting Africa’s natural history and wildlife heritage.

180 people attended, with tickets sales contributing significantly towards the money being raised, as well as an auction of prizes donated by various lodges, travel companies (including Iconic Africa) and wildlife photographers.

A total of R800 000 (around $43 000) was raised over the course of the evening.

The real power of evenings like this however, lies in their ability to connect people. Those from outside the conservation circles have the power to affect massive change by donating their expertise and experience to a rapidly-changing world in which technology, education and leadership are what will be saving Africa’s wild spaces. It is no longer enough to simply be passionate about the preservation of wilderness areas; if one does not have the financial clout and the links to those who can see the bigger picture from a different perspective, the same problems will refuse to be solved.

Brett Horley, Founder of Brett Horley Safaris and the safari guide who has hosted the Jocks of the Bushveld on many a sojourn into Africa’s wildernesses – had this to say at the end of his speech:

“We need solutions, we need to support those on the frontline who do the actual protecting in the middle of the day and the middle of the night. The field rangers putting their lives on the frontline; the regional and section rangers; the organisations helping and assisting; EWT, GKEPF, SAWC – we need collaboration, we need passion, and we need leadership. We need evenings like this to help, to inspire, to remind, and to instil in us the desire to take action. That is how we got here, and that is why we are here.”

A huge thank you to all those who helped organise and host the event, and especially to those who contributed so generously towards the funds being raised.

Iconic Africa is incredibly proud to have been involved in such an initiative, and to have played our own small role in making the evening the success it was.

If anyone would like to donate to the EWT and further their cause in Africa, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through info@iconicafrica.com…

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