Somalisa: the Elephant Heart of Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park in the west of Zimbabwe is a land of contrasts. From dense teak and acacia forest to vast open savannah, which offers visitors an exhibition of raw and diverse Africa.

Somalisa Camp, under the African Bush Camps umbrella, is tucked away within a quiet Acacia grove on a private concession in the heart of Hwange, and offers the ideal intimate base from which to explore the expansive ecosystem and varied ecosystem of which it forms a part.

Hwange is famous for its elephant herds, and Somalisa provides the perfect place from which to view these iconic African animals. The waterhole right in front of camp provides an oasis for them even during the dry winters, and herds flock down to drink daily. It is not uncommon to have multiple herds come to drink during the course of an afternoon, and their rumbles serve as a constant part of the wonderful African ambience filtering in from the open plain.
Game Drives provide access to the greater reserve, in which Africa’s large predators abound. Lions dominate the viewing and their roars can be heard most nights. Up to 700 of these majestic cats roam the Hwange ecosystem, and the area is in constant flux as prides vie for dominance. Wild Dogs are regularly encountered, and even unusual species like Roan antelope and Brown Hyena often form part of the game viewing.
Experienced Somalisa guides know exactly where the best viewing is to be found, so have your camera ready!

Back at camp, seven elegant and spacious sail tents provide simple luxury, and the small number of guests in camp ensures an intimate safari experience.
All tents are replete with a charging station for camera batteries and phones, a wood-burning fireplace (an amazing addition on those cold winter nights), and a private viewing deck from which you can observe any game that happens to come sauntering down for a drink.
The heat of the African day is rendered almost negligible by the carefully designed tents which are optimal for airflow, allowing a cool breeze to be a constant presence as you lounge in opulence.

Somalisa is leading the way in low-impact tourism and was the recipient of the first GOLD Green Tourism Certificate in Zimbabwe. With a full solar farm and water purity system, the camp is able to be off the grid whilst recycling about 80% of its water usage.

Nature and luxury intertwine seamlessly here, and with Hwange National Park being the largest natural reserve in Zimbabwe – and also one of the oldest, being established in 1928 – there are few places as good in which to fully immerse yourself in an African wildlife experience.

Hwange’s proximity to Victoria Falls means Somalisa is just a short charter flight from this centre of African adventure, so we strongly recommend including Victoria Falls in your itinerary.

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