Little Chem Chem: Quintessential Safari in East Africa

On the shores of Tanzania’s Lake Burunge, set amongst the acacia and baobab trees with the lip of the Great Rift Valley Escarpment sitting as a backdrop, lies Little Chem Chem; a camp where understated luxury is woven into every experience.

Little Chem Chem is the “sunrise camp” of the three Chem Chem lodges – the other two are Chem Chem Lodge itself and Forst Chem Chem – being the furthest east, and as such being situated the closest to Tarangire National Park, with which the concession on which the lodges are found share a contiguous border. With no fences around the park allowing the free movement of wildlife, the entire area shows an abundance of game for the wildlife enthusiast. Lions and elephants are regular visitors and during the migration season the fringes of the great wildebeest herds pass through, providing a glut for the predators.

The bird life is sensational, and the combination of savanna and lake shore habitats will keep the avid bird watcher enthralled for hours with its myriad of species.

The lodge itself is elegance in the true classic safari style.

Six luxury safari tents (including one family tent), each boasting indoor and outdoor showers, overlook an open gladed area that attracts an abundance of wildlife. Stately giraffes stroll by as you sit outside in the shade of your canvas awning, and superb starlings hop about looking for morsels amongst the grasses. The main lodge is spacious and cool (WiFi is available in both the rooms and the main area) and allows for fantastic views into the surrounding bush and open spaces. Being small in size, it retains a completely intimate feel, and is also readily available for exclusive occupancy…

Martial eagles soar above, and the bush sings to you constantly with its soft chirp of cicadas in summer, von der Decken’s hornbills in winter, and at night time the ambient sound is provided by the roar of the lion and the guttural rasp of the leopard slinking in the shadows.

Little Chem Chem has paced itself to the natural rhythm of Africa herself, and you will too upon arrival.

Walk with wildlife, marvel at ancient baobabs, embrace serenity and wellness, sip sundowners overlooking the Rift Valley, and discover the ancient culture of the Maasai people. Chem Chem is where you go to feel something with this ancient continent; belonging.


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